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The pages of this site cover how to rent rooms in your home as a source of extra income. They also suggest how you might have room rentals as a business, in the form of a boarding house or something similar. Renting rooms can actually be less complicated that operating regular residential rental properties.

Most of this content was originally from my book on how to rent rooms profitably, and is laid out below in the same order as it was in the chapters of that book. You can read the following pages in the order listed then, but you might also want to skip to the parts that you need most if you already have tenants living with you.

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How to Rent a Room in Your Home and Still Have Privacy - March 2013 - It can be an interesting experience to live with strangers. That's essentially what you do when you rent a room in your home to somebody you did not previously know. You hope that you chose a renter wisely, and that you find someone who is... Continue reading here...

How to Choose a Roommate - We had a renter go to jail for writing a bad check once. Fortunately she was paying cash for the room rent, and her... Continue reading here...

Designate Space - If you have several renters you can avoid many arguments by designating who gets which shelf in the refrigerator, who gets which coat hook, and so on. Make it easy for everyone to recognize clear boundaries.

Keep Records - Keep it simple when renting rooms, but do keep notes on every renter. You may need to call a parent or employer at some point, for example, so have those hone numbers available. A photocopy of a driver's license is a good idea too.

New Room Rental Laws - New York City enacted a law last year making it illegal to rent out residential spaces intended as permanent, rather than transient, residences for less than 30 days. This, and laws in other cities, are in part a response to short-term rentals arranged on sites like, where people go to find rooms in residences rather than hotels. Although neighbor's complaints may be a factor in the creation of the new rules, they also stem from the usual corrupt political process; specifically, lobbying by groups like the Hotel Association of New York City, which wants to use the power of law to prevent competition.

How to Rent Rooms - The Pages

How to Rent a Room in Your Home - And still have some private space.

Why Rent Rooms? - A few good reasons for considering it.

Renting Rooms in Your House - A look at income potential, with examples.

How Much to Charge for a Room - Basic guidelines for how to determine this.

Determining Room Rental Rates - More on what to charge for your rooms.

Renting a Room - More on What to Charge - The final part on naming your price.

How to Rent a Room Without Big Problems - Avoiding trouble.

Room Rentals: What to Include - And why this is important for peace of mind.

Collecting Rent from Tenants - How to set things up for easier collection.

Security Deposits for Rentals? - I didn't have them, and here's why...

Managing Rental Income and Expenses - Some guidelines to follow.

How to Find Roommates - Several ways to locate tenants for your rooms.

Roommates: How to Advertise for Them - What to put in those ads.

How to Choose a Roommate - Part One - With a true story of a chronic liar.

Questions for Renters - A list of them for you to ask each prospective tenant.

Getting the Best Renters - Some final notes and suggestions.

Boarding House Rules - You have to have rules; here are some to consider.

Rental Regulations and Legal Issues - My opinions are not legal advice, but...

Tenant Evictions - What to do to get problem renters out of your home.

Renting a Room in a House - Tax Consequences - What to do about taxes.

Rent the Room - But Don't Stop There - Other ways to profit from tenants.

Renting Rooms - Dealing With Problems - Time to get creative and tolerant...

Renting Out a Room - A Checklist - Just so you don't forget anything...

A Shed Bedroom? - Yes, I rented out a shed. The details...

Renting a Room Out - Some additional tips and suggestions.

Renting a Room in Your House - How to prepare for it.

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